Great Outdoor Date Ideas

Geplaatst op 09-04-2024

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Looking for an exciting new first date idea? Perhaps you’re tired of the whole coffee or movie thing and want to spice up the first encounter. If you know she is sporty or likes the outdoors ( you might have found her on fitness singles )then you will not want a serious restaurant date.

Women will love the fact that you put just 10% more energy into the preparation. Yes it is a bit risky but if you pull it off who knows what will happen!

Great conversation starts around every corner as a result of being outside in a constantly changing environment… It’s just much more natural.

Your blood and emotions will be pumping as you go on one of the active first dates listed below.

Remember you can’t take any of these dates (or yourself) to seriously or else this outdoor date wont work. Smile and relax! The point of an outdoor date is that there is no pressure so you shouldn’t feel nervous about the outcome.


Outdoor Date Idea #1

Live outdoor theatre. Their will often be local live shows, busking, or art displays at your cities main park. This provides a great neutral location to chat. It also takes the pressure off direct interaction by having something to watch if your not connecting like you’d hoped.

Outdoor Date Idea #2

For some reason women LOVE picnics. I’m not quite sure what it is about picnics but if you do them well they really pay off.
It has to be the right kind of girl for it and the weather needs to be great but picnics are a fun way to eat out during the day. Take a Frisbee or soccer ball if you think she would be into that.

You could take a different approach and go just before sunset up on a hill. You will just the one warm rug of course, as it gets dark the stars often bring about fascinating conversation about life goals. A great way to see if you are really compatible.

Outdoor Date Idea #3

Men often don’t see the point of walking and would rather go for a quick run instead. Turn walking in the park or local gardens into a great outdoor date idea. Women love walking so this date will be an easy transition. If it’s warm you can grab an ice cream or lunch. Of course you don’t need to walk around the park, there is always the museum or city attractions.

Outdoor Date Idea #4

Ice Skating or Rollerblading

Depending on the time of year this outdoor date idea works great. Rollerblading/skating along the side of the beach is a fun, romantic and interactive way to get to know each other.

Outdoor Date Idea #5

The Zoo

The local zoo can be such a fun place to visit. Young animals bring out a softer side in us all. Dont think that she wont take it either or that any of these date ideas are chessy at all. She will love the new variety in her life.

Outdoor Date Idea #6


Perhaps your women is into giving back. There will be plenty of charity organisations looking for people to donate their time for a good cause.

Outdoor Date Idea #7

This one’s a really great one… Bike to the local farmers markets and get some interesting knew local produce. Fresh greens and some organic meats. Bike back to your place and cook what you have bought. If you are having some fun on this cooking date you can go ahead and do some baking or make some dessert get a movie