Transform your own iPhone

Geplaatst op 30-03-2022

The iPhones have become extremely popular in recent years, which is reflected in the figures. Apple's market share in the smartphone industry is in fact the highest of all tech giants. However, the prices of the iPhones are on the expensive side, so a new iPhone 14 will cost between €800 and €1400.

Refurbished iPhone
If your budget does not allow this, but you do want to upgrade your iPhone? A good affordable option would be to opt for a refurbished iPhone, this is sustainable and saves you tons of money. The devices are always working as new, and should something happen to them during use. No problem since the device comes with warranty. This gives you a device for more than half the price, and you do have all the advantages! Do you want to stay with your old trusted device, and still 'upgrade' your iPhone? Then in the next paragraph there is a very interesting method for you.

Pimp the back
The back of your iPhone can crack as it is made of glass. The back of your iPhone can be replaced by certain iPhone repair companies see for example Black Repairs. Before carrying out the repair, all the glass is first removed from the back using a special laser machine. Apple has secured the glass with very strong glue, without lasering it away it is almost impossible to remove the back. It's a piece of cake for the laser machine. After removing the glass, a new glass plate can be placed. And now it comes, because the back that is placed can be a different color than it was originally on, or the back can be engraved. This way you keep your own phone, but it will look different. How about that!

Screen repair
Regardless of which iPhone you own, if the screen breaks, this sucks. Choosing the official Apple stores to have your screen replaced will not make your wallet happy. There are plenty of companies that can repair your screen for a lot cheaper, pay attention to this! Some companies will use cheap screens for the iPhone screen repair, it is advisable to contact the company and ask what type of screens they use. For example, with OLED screens there are SOFT and HARD screens, SOFT is the better choice. And some people place an LCD screen instead of an OLED screen, be aware of this.